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RBS Label

The RBS Label is a brand new label of ROBOS Contract Furniture B.V. The label can be described as energetic, youthful, distinctive and playful. RBS is a high quality collection and designed with attention and passion. The first line powered by RBS is the 1979 serie.‚Äč

With attention
And passion


1979 serie

The 1979 serie is the first serie of the RBS label. And the name of the collection refers to the year of foundation of ROBOS Contract Furniture B.V. The designer of the 1979 serie is Nuno Machado. He is a industrial designer and a master in Art & Design for the public space. Designer Nuno is known for his out-of-the box solutions in any creative process. He has a free approache in the way he looks at design and all its possibilities. Nuno has designed the complete range of the 1979 series.