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Landal GreenParks

Over 11.000 ROBOS chairs in 10 different Landal parks in the Netherlands and Germany.

The Landal parks are continuously being developed in order to make our guests’ stay more pleasant and comfortable. New facilities are opened or improved regularly at one of the 90 parks in 9 countries.

After some restaurants were provided with new furniture.  This time, it was the accommodations’ turn. A total of 7 different models of chairs were delivered in 15 different fabrics in Germany and the Netherlands. These were the parks in the Netherlands: Landal Heideheuvel, Heihaas, Twenhaarsveld, Rabbit Hill, Miggelenberg, and Coldenhove. And in Germany Wirfttal, Hochwald, Mont Royal, and Sonnenberg.

An important service of ROBOS is that we don’t only deliver the chairs, but also ensures, together with a regular moving company, that the chairs are in the right place in the various cottages.  ROBOS has been a preferred supplier of Landal Greenparks for many years.

We are proud of our projects!