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Frites Affair

Tempting fries at Frites Affair

Fresh Dutch fries at Frites Affair CenterParcs. ROBOS delivered already the 9th CenterParcs of Frites Affair at CP Meerdal. The catering concept developed by Albron is marketed as a gourmet formula for fries. It’s all about the craft of deep frying delicious fresh fries. The sense of nostalgia can be seen in the old-fashioned tiles and potato baskets in the d├ęcor. Frites Affair works with fresh produce as much as possible and great care is taken to minimize waste, guaranteeing that Frites Affair is prepared for the future.

The design is the work of designer Arjen Coster. All of the furnishings, including the chairs, tables, benches and bar stools, are supplied by ROBOS.