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ROBOS is launching a new website

 The time has come: ROBOS.nl has been renewed. You are now looking at a brand new website. Not only its appearance, but also its content, has been taken up a notch. With this website, we’d like to take you along on the journey from concept to the final result. Bringing these concepts to life with specific desires and dreams, that’s precisely what we provide. We make that, we organize that.

 Why a new website?

Starting as a small agency for garden furniture manufacturers, ROBOS has since grown into an international family business in custom-made furniture. Director Sascha Bosch: “That’s why we want to show what ROBOS stands for, including a look into our projects and our tailor-made products. Limitless customization is, in our view, the way to create what someone really wants. And we want to show that.”



ROBOS is the trusted partner that makes a daily contribution to the most beautiful places in the world. With their typical, characteristically limitless approach in product development, supply, inspiration and (logistical) organization, ROBOS surprises time and time again, and ROBOS arranges everything to perfection. ROBOS dares to do everything because they can rely on their years of experience, unique knowledge, and a strong network. With their inspiring service, they build sustainable relationships because they think it’s wonderful to work together for the very best result.


Sneak preview

We haven’t yet fulfilled all our ambitions with this new website. Soon, MyRobos.nl will also go live, where you’ll have the opportunity to put together your own interiors with customized furniture. Stay tuned!


Note for the reaction

Want to know more about us or our customization options? Contact Monique Mik via:

Telephone at +31 529 433 500 or monique@robos.nl