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Optimal relaxation and ultimate comfort is a must for many people to be able to live a dynamic life. People around the world are constantly looking for the best places to relax. Places where you can relax and enjoy a snack and drink and receive hospitality. Together with our customers, ROBOS develops beautiful concepts that provide a unique experience.


After ROBOS had already set up seven of Jamie’s Italian branches on various cruise ships, it was now time for Jamie’s Italian in The Hague. The Hague restaurant is well-known TV Chef Jamie Oliver’s second establishment in the Netherlands. What’s typical of Jamie’s is the use of different structures and materials in the building’s interior. It’s atmospheric thanks to the chesterfield sofa’s, but also due to the use of sturdy materials such as aged wood, marble, zinc, and steel. The basic concept is set, but every location differs in the details. And that allow ROBOS’ flexibility to shine.  ROBOS has now also set up two Jamie’s Pizzeria locations.
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For Blushing, ROBOS has made a specially colored plastic chair. This color did not previously exist, so ROBOS had this blue color produced specially for Blushing. The chair, from an Italian brokerage,  consisted of only four transparent colors. ROBOS added a fifth transparent color for which a special production was started outside the collection. Blushing is an idea from GORDON, a dutch singer and TV personality. On his many trips abroad, the man from Amsterdam developed a preference for a healthy lifestyle. He also drew inspiration for the interior from his time in South Africa. The African country was the basis of the inspiration for the blue color of the plastic chair.
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Brasserie Jansen

From sketch to final product, completely customized: ROBOS developed a chair and matching hocker especially for Brasserie Jansen. Brasserie Jansen has a contemporary look and is a place where the focus is on people. Where families enjoy each other’s company. In England, the owner was inspired to create the right atmosphere. From that inspiration, a model was created. It seems only appropriate that the chair is also called Janse. Wondering how this goes over at work. .
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