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ROBOS has a team of specialists who take into account all the specific requirements that apply to designing various spaces on board a cruise ship. They ensure that everything is sea-resistant and, if necessary, secured to the floor.

Floating, sailing to the most beautiful places in the world. Surrounded by luxury with spectacular views of the sea or land. A cruise ship has everything you could think of.  From spas to restaurants, fitness centers, a cinema, an aqua theater, kids clubs, to a professional go-kart track. ROBOS makes it happen. ROBOS is one of a kind.

Norwegian Cruise Line

ROBOS developed outdoor tables with a print for the Norwegian cruise ship Bliss. The Margaritaville restaurant now has very sharply printed aluminum table tops with a curved edge, which are particularly suitable for outdoor use. They’re practical to use and are lightweight, but with a tropical touch. The Bliss is the newest cruise ship of Norwegian Cruise Line. This ship is built for adventure and sails not only alongside the glaciers of Alaska, but also alongside the dolphins of the Caribbean.  The ship offers space for no less than 4,000 passengers and is 324 meters long. In total, ROBOS delivered no fewer than 14,500 items on board.
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Symphony of the Seas
Royal Caribbean

If you’re a member of the ROBOS’ assembly team, you’ve got to have a bit of wanderlust.  For example, they travel to Saint Nazaire in France, where the largest cruise ship in the world was built. The team installs all items on the spot and, if necessary, sails a time with them, as with the Symphony of the Seas. The Symphony of the Seas from Royal Caribbean is not only the largest cruise ship in the world, but also the most adventurous ship in the world. It carries at least 6,780 passengers and has the longest slide on the sea of, measuring no less than ten decks long. You also have the unique opportunity to conquer a wave on board in the unique surfing simulator called Flowrider®.  
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World Dream
Dream Cruises

To be used in the proper Asian manner, Dream Cruises wanted it so that passengers could cook for themselves on the promenade sun terrace. ROBOS therefore developed special hotpot tables made of Dutch teak. Dutch teak is the plastic version of teak, but then both sea-proof and durable. The Asian ship World Dream from Dream Cruises was built especially for the Asian market. The ship sails around China and Vietnam, and ROBOS gave it an oriental atmosphere.
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