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ROBOS has a team of specialists who take into account all the specific requirements that apply to designing various spaces on board a cruise ship. They ensure that everything is sea-resistant and, if necessary, secured to the floor.

Floating, sailing to the most beautiful places in the world. Surrounded by luxury with spectacular views of the sea or land. A cruise ship has everything you could think of.  From spas to restaurants, fitness centers, a cinema, an aqua theater, kids clubs, to a professional go-kart track. ROBOS makes it happen. ROBOS is one of a kind.

Celebrity Cruises

It’s about making ideas happen. For the Celebrity Flora, ROBOS has developed the most beautiful outdoor and indoor furniture for this exclusive cruise ship.  Furniture that had to meet the highest standards to fit the luxury ship. The ROBOS furniture can be found in various rooms on board, such as the Ocean Grill, Quest Stateroom, and Discovery Lounge. The Celebrity Flora, which belongs to the American shipping company Celebrity Cruises, was built in the Netherlands at Shipyard de Hoop. The most exclusive of ships can accommodate only 100 passengers and 80 crew members. The ship is unique in that all passengers and crew can stay in any room at the same time. The Flora travels around the Galapagos islands. Passengers are able to stroll and snorkel amidst iguanas, sea lions, turtles, and the famous blue-footed booby. As the Galapagos Islands is a protected nature reserve, emissions must be as low as possible. This is accomplished by the newly-designed hull, which ensures that the Celebrity Flora uses 15% less fuel.
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Spirit of Discovery
Saga Cruises

The Spirit of Discovery, the first of two new cruise ships belonging to the British cruise line Saga Cruises, has recently been completed and was officially inaugurated by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. The ship can accommodate up to 1,000 passengers and has been specially built for the British market.  It was ROBOS’ first collaboration with Saga Cruises. Several restaurants, outdoor areas and cabins on board are equipped with ROBOS furniture. ROBOS is currently also working on preparing mock-ups for the Spirit of Adventure, the successor to Spirit of Discovery.
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Spectrum of the Seas
Royal Carribean

ROBOS developed an air hockey table especially for the Spectrum of the Seas’ family suits, which can also be used as a dining table. Guaranteed fun for the entire family! Thanks to a 360-degree rotating capsule 300 ft above the ship, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view. Afterwards, they can get a drink in the bar, where all furniture has been supplied by ROBOS. The crew on board has also been well taken care of. During their breaks, they can relax and enjoy themselves on the ROBOS furniture in the crew area.   Spectrum of the Seas is the first cruise ship in the Quantum Ultra Class. The Spectrum can accommodate 4,246 passengers, has 18 decks, and has 2,137 cabins.  The ship has been specially designed for the Chinese market. She started her journey via Malaga and Barcelona to Dubai, with China as her destination. The second ship in the Ultra Class will be completed by the end of next year; the Odyssey of the Seas.
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